Giorgio Montorio is a cartoonist and illustrator who has worked in the cartoon business since 1965 and who celebrates this year 50 years of uninterrupted career.

An exhibition charts the artistic and professional journey of Mantua-born Montorio at La Bottega of Via Calvi in Mantova. Countless drawings, cartoons and original tables will be on display, supplied directly by Astorina publishers.


The exhibition begins with his first cartoon drawings, which he made aged 6, copying the existing cartoons of the time: Donald Duck, Tex Willer, and ends with his drawings of the world’s most famous cartoon thief: Diabolik.

Giorgio Montorio was born in San Matteo delle Chiaviche, near Viadana, in 1940, and from a young age he enjoyed copying and reinterpreting cartoons. He produced cartoon magazines from the front cover to the inner pages with dialogues, number games and even crosswords.


After attending commercial school, he subscribed to a remote learning design course. After much exercise and work, in 1965 young Montorio published his first cartoon: “Albo romanzo Vamp n°23”. From 1966 to 1972 he developed “Teddy Bob” for publishers Sansoni, aimed at depicting the rebel youth of those years. Also for Sansoni he contributed to the magazine “Horror” and other publications. For Florence’s Nerbini publishers in 1975 he reprised “Pisellino”, a character originally developed by Biriko. He then developed the much-loved series “Amazzoni”. Thanks to his extreme technical versatility he contributed to  “Il Monello”, “Albo Tv”, “L’intrepido”, “Supergulp”.

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In 1976, he was signed up by the publishers to work on “Diabolik”, which he did until 1981. He then contributed to “Profondo rosso’’ for Ed. Scorpio, on “Jolly” for R. Barbieri Editore, and for publisher Bonelli he worked on a few editions of “Mister No” and the development other characters: “Zagor” and “Comandante Mark”.

In 1997 he went back to Astorina publishers to work on “Diabolik”, an ongoing commitment.

Apart from visiting the exhibition, the visitor will get a chance to purchase limited edition litographies featuring Diabolik and Eva Kant, drawn by Montorio. Income from the sales will be given to charity for the restoration of Palazzo d’Arco in Mantua.

Special thanks to publisher Astorina and its DG M.Gomboli for their assistance.


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The exhibition will be open from the 11th of April to the 3rd of May 2015 at “La Bottega di Cavicchioni e Natali”, via P. F. Calvi 53 in Mantua.

Inauguration 11th April, 7 pm.


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In un palazzo rinascimentale di via P. F. Calvi al n°53 in Mantova, ha sede “La Bottega”: negozio di cornici dal 1978.