It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. This is precisely the philosophy behind Castor and its talented spin-off Mantù.

In their case, however, the butterfly effect operates the other way round: women, with their different wishes throughout the world, are able to influence the choices made by a craftsmen laboratory in a small village outside Mantua.

Born in the trade, Angela, Elena and their friend Francesca founded the company in 2003 out of a genial intuition. They were not just providing technical support to fashion designers, but also created their own brand. Brain and hands!

It didn’t take long for the business to flourish and become known throughout the world, also thanks to its ability to differentiate its offer on the basis of the physical characteristics of women, who are mostly influencing their choices, albeit often unintentionally.

Many more women, 53 to be precise, exist behind this organisation: each of them has a precise task, as the “Rule” is strictly observed and codified under the close scrutiny of Francesca, who is in charge of compliance.

Whilst Angela and Ilaria, her loyal assistant, deal with thousands of different tasks, the atelier features numerous workers with precise job specifications and profiles. Observing them together in this large space, that now looks like a loft more than a warehouse, you can see their attachment and feminine solidarity: this is how ideas originate, creativity circulates and a constant desire to improve is fuelled.

Just like in an old-style tailor workshop, each item is carefully crafted under the strict control of technology. The language spoken here is that of the handmade and perfect manufacturing, as well as all the languages of the world. And it is precisely the women from around the world who choose Mantù clothes, inspired by the city of Mantua and its beauty. These women don’t know the amount of work, experience and passion that lies behind each individual garment. And they don’t know that the “pink team” always has five suitcases at hand to complete its mission: transmit their smile to their clients. Could there be any better ambassadors for the made in Mantua? I seriously doubt it.

by Mara Pasetti

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