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Every ancient house contains a soul and a legacy of history to be handed down. In the case of  via Pier Fortunato Calvi, 51 in Mantua we know that in the thirteenth century it was already flanked by the beautiful Boateri tower, in 1513 it was enriched with decorations by the Grassetti brothers, at the end of the eighteenth century a beautiful neoclassical façade and in the Liberty period of the bright staircase which leads to the 1 Stile B&B and the annexed Art Gallery.

unostile1 Stile a house without elevator and televisions, but with bookcases, antique furniture and paintings in every room: the choice to sacrifice some comfort for the benefit of a timeless charm! And then a lot of color and … warmth: in the attentions that the owner of the house reserves to her guests!

From here, from the heart of the ancient city, from the street once of the magnani, or the smiths, you can easily reach on foot all the artistic attractions that, for a long time, have made Mantua a beacon for tourists! To the north the civitas vetus with its towers, squares, churches and the Palazzo Ducale complex, to the south the Palazzo Te: unavoidable destinations ideally prepared even by generations of people who have seen the city grow within the walls of this house! A human heritage that is felt in this small, delightful place of hospitality!

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