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“Walking through Mantua is like reading a book about the development of Italian taste”, wrote Olivier Bernier in the New York Times. As one walks through the streets of Mantua, in fact, Bernardelli Group’s six shops and their windows are the expression of a creative city, forever at the leading edge of elegance and style, due to the continuous research of the international avant-gardes. The Bernardelli stores are curtains that open onto Mantua, where they do not sell but dress, never losing sight of the messages and emotions that the clothes transmit, speaking with the language that only those who love fashion and style can really understand.

Throughout history, Mantua – one of the main centers of the Italian Renaissance – has fascinated lovers of art and beauty, such as Bruna Casella and Stefano Gozzoli, owners of Bernardelli Group’s six stores.

Our strong point, research, allows us to combine fashion, art, design and photography, to express Bernardelli’s phylosophy, which is not simply selling clothes, but acting as a reference point for those looking for fashion away from fleeting trends. The careful selection of emerging designers is aimed at expressing a modern and cosmopolitan taste, which combines with the elegance and style of some world-renowned brands.


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