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Cantina GOZZI
Love for the vineyard for three generations

This is the story of a family that has been cultivating the land for generations and transforming its fruits with love and passion – this is the Cantina Gozzi. The Cantina’s setup is the result of the constant strive for quality, obtained by exploiting the knowledge of the ancestors and the modern scientific and technological discoveries, with the utmost respect for the environment, and therefore for the people.
Our wines carry all the strength that the varied and peculiar terroir of the Garda morain hills can pass on.

The flavour, smells and colours that this land can give are present in the DOP Garda wines, the DOP Garda Colli Mantovani and the Cru aged in durmast vats Rosso Saline, Vigna Magrini e Colombara, thanks to the well thought through collocation on the territory and the manual harvest.

Moreover, there’s a significant sparkling wine selection, two extra dry ones, one of which is rose’, and a Spumante Brut, metodo classico, which thanks to an accurate choice of grapes and the 4 years wait takes on a unique perlage and structure.
All of this has enabled us to be one of the most awarded winemakers at international competitions and to be present, with our products, in many countries of the world.

Cesare Gozzi, co-owner
Address: Via Ortaglia, 16 – 46040 Monzambano (MN) – Italia
Tel: +39 0376 800 377
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