Capriccio e Voluttà 21 settembre 2019 Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te, Mantua

Saturday 21st September 2019

Narrators Federica Pradella and Marta Petruzzella

Actor Diego Fusari

Meglio Mantova, a committee made up of a number of local enterprises and professionals which over the last 5 years has organised events aimed at promoting and enhancing the city’s heritage, is delighted to present a new event dedicated to Giulio Romano, entitled CAPRICCIO E VOLUTTA’ (CAPRICE AND PLEASURE).

“This is a very important year for Mantua” explains Federica Pradella, current President of the Committee “and this is why we have decided to focus our attention and energies on this magnificent artist, who was Raffaello’s favourite pupil.

Thanks to a cooperation with Palazzo Te we will be able to use its rooms to offer a themed experience, alternating tales on the history the Palace and readings from classic literature, the very same that inspired Giulio Romano in his extraordinary frescos”.

Many voices will intertwine during the evening: Federica Pradella and Marta Petruzzella will begin by introducing guests to the history, whereas Diego Fusari will read extracts from Ovidio’s Metamorphosis and Giorgio Vasari’s Lives.

In between visits, guests will be able to enjoy tasty treats prepared Elisabetta Arcari and enjoy a cocktail especially designed for this event by Marco Gialdi of Bar Venezia, inspired by Giulio Romano.

“The entire profits of this event” explains the President “will be donated to Palazzo Te to fund the restoration of the sala dei Giganti. We are particularly proud of this cause, which fully reflects the spirit of our initiatives”.

Only a limited number of tickets are available and booking is mandatory. For more information, please contact:
392 557 5766

Tickets are available at the following stores:

Tosoni Gioielli, via Roma 7 / Mollard Shoes, via Verdi 35
392 557 5766


Tosoni Gioielli, via Roma 7 / Mollard Shoes, via Verdi 35

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