The story I am about to relate seems to incarnate the spirit of Christmas! It begins on a spring’s day three years ago in a hospital room where a father, whose health was failing, clinches his daughter’s hands and simply tells her: “you know what to do”.

He was Luciano Tosoni and spent his life at the goldsmith’s desk, with his pencil and a quip ready for every client, of whom he knew tastes and attitudes. She is Gaia, but at this moment in time she only feels pain and fear. Because meanwhile she is facing her own health obstacle course, which she keeps from her already worried mother.

Then, on a day in May, her father dies and an era draws to close for this family, as his personality marked it. But women from the Po plain, it’s notorious, have a strong temper and work ethic: so mother, daughter and faithful employee Marzia decide to go it alone, following a goldsmith’s tradition that started in 1919. Luciano is “in the air”: he left practical teachings to Marzia, concrete ideas to Gaia but particularly the experience of a 30 year long journey made of choices he took with Laura, his faithful partner of a lifetime.

Life starts again from here. Gaia is now in good health and Marzia who has been holding the fort at the goldsmith’s desk ever since, takes care of the production line, forever mindful of the ladies who will wear their jewellery. Because they are women, they can tune into their clients tastes and are able to anticipate their choices with typical feminine intuition.

The golden days of luxury are over, people have less of a chance to show off jewellery, and Tosoni has adapted to the trend substituting solitary diamonds with little exquisite decors which make the modern woman sparkle: side by side with a precious stone is the value of design.

Gaia has had to start a period of formation and learning of gemmology and has done so with her customary integrity and the help of her regular suppliers who provided her with precious advice. Laura has innate elegance, together with her practical sense and the habit of welcoming friends at her table in style, and guides her in the choice of refined furniture.

Everything seems to be going very well, when the time comes to take a difficult decision: to either renew a very expensive rental contract, or starting to look around! Whoever has moved before knows how difficult that is, physically and psychologically. Our women plough on and make their own destiny: moving into Via Roma’s old stationary shop offers greater visibility. The place is beautiful, the shop window is shiny and new customers join the old ones, tourists and passers-by. The bright green colour attracts passers-by and delivers to whoever decides to step over the threshold. One is welcomed with professionalism and taken, through an unusual path, right down to the basement which hosts household and kitchen goods, something of a house display which rivals the display of vanity of the room above. It is in this marriage of femininity and pragmatism that these three women operate: Mantuan by birth, ambassadors of good taste by vocation!

by Mara Pasetti

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