The antique and contemporary ZANINI ARTE art gallery is proud to invite you to the upcoming event: CAFFE’ LETTERARIO

SUNDAY 17TH of December at 6 pm, GIULIA MARTANI will be present in conversation with Prof. Antonio Maurizio Cirigliano to present her book BENZINA – IL RIO EDIZIONI.

Maurizio Cirigliano to present her book BENZINA – IL RIO EDIZIONI.

Ilaria Torre is a 15 year old girl, sensible, sweet and zealous. However, it appears from the beginning of the novel, she committed a very serious crime: she set fire to the school. From the young offenders jail, this youth tells the reasons which led her to the (insane?) actions, through a string of sad events in a pressing rhythm, often masked by a subtle irony.

With her confessions, Ilaria sheds some light on otherwise dark and unexpected sides of today’s youth: youngsters of good stock whose lives are only seemingly perfect. It will become apparent, in fact, that the criminal act is nothing but an extreme reaction to a long and devastating series of oppressions perpetrated by school mates and teachers, as well as to a heartbreak.

The Author

Giulia Martani, born in 1984, lives is Mantova and is a law graduate. She debuted with the noir series “Nero ma non troppo” (Edizioni Sensoinverso, 2011). In the same year she collaborated to the anthological collections “Robot ita 2.0” and “Iustitia Mortis”,  both curated by Edizioni Scudo. “Benzina” is her first novel, published in 2012 by Lettere Animate in 2012 and it is an expose detailing the current issue of bullying in schools. With “Benzina” she took part to the 2012 edition of the literary festival Pordenonelegge and to an event at Mantova’s Festivaletteratura 2012. The book has been taken up by various schools in the context of school projects on bullying and has been republished in 2017 by Il Rio Edizioni.

She published the illustrated fairy tale “La gatta che si credeva una bambina” (Edigiò, 2012). In 2013 she published “Angelo del fango” (Il Rio), a short novel dealing with multiple themes, such as youth distress, the relationship between parents and sons, the economic crisis and unemployment, but also the great drive for redemption of this unfortunate generation. “La praticante” (Il Rio, 2015) is a novel standing halfway between comedy-noir and legal thriller. This book also describes issues which are sadly topical, such as the state of the young and unemployed Italians. Her latest work “Bamboli: gufetti e scherzetti” is an illustrated children’s book (Silele Edizioni, 2017).

All the conferences of the Caffè Letterario review will take place within the exhibition area of the Zanini art gallery, within a succession of exhibitions of antique and contemporary art that change every  month. Currently exhibiting are “PARFUM DE FEMME” and a personal exhibition by Roberta Diazzi “CRYSTAL DREAMS “.

Free entry for both the conference and the exhibition.

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