Il Rio Edizioni celebrates its fifth birthday

A great event celebrated at Set Up Contemporary Art Fair

Saturday 3 February, 11.30 am

Palazzo Pallavicini | Via San Felice 24 | Bologna

Il Rio Edizioni celebrates its fifth birthday. With nearly 200 titles in its catalogue – amongst them art monographies, exhibition catalogues, documents from meetings, but also novels, poetry anthologies and children’s books, the publisher had a chance to collaborate with prestigious cultural institutions from Italy and abroad.  Amongst the most important synergies, we must mention the collaboration with SetUp Contemporary Art Fair – a contemporary art fair established in Bologna in 2013 – which thanks to the close relationship with its organising committee and the Caravan SetUp association, has begun to publish its house organ “Without frontiers. Arte urbana e arte pubblica, esperienze e prospettive”, curated by Simona Gavioli and Giulia Giliberti (2017).

This year the relationship with SetUp will become even closer, as within this international framework, Il Rio has chosen to celebrate its five years of editorial activity. For the occasion the artistic collective Panem et Circenses will hold a performance and an installation in homage to the publisher in the grand salon of beautiful Palazzo Pallavicini. Its main themes will be “the wait” (in accordance with the proposed theme by the fair committee for this year’s edition), “the wish”, but most of all “the gift”; the strong bond with the context hosting the event is due to the fact that it was Count Pallavicini’s vision to donate his palace to his visitors, when he gave his visiting guests great entertainment experiences which resonated amongst all of Europe’s Courts.

The artwork is a gift which the artist offers to the public but even more, in a universal vision of art, to the world. For the publisher’s five year anniversary, the theme of the “gift” takes on increasingly more strength, taking on the meaning of the gift which the artists make to Il Rio.

The piece of art from Panem et Circense is entitled “Goethe 53”, alluding the notion that Goethe was the first to ever celebrate his birthday as we do in modern society, and he did it on his 53rd birthday.

There are four “gift elements” making up this piece of art:

  • the performance, which will contain not just good wishes and auspices but also an energetic and spiritual boost, hoping to sustain the young publishers in their future endeavours in a new phase of their professional path.
  • a recording of the performance
  • a material element which the publishers will keep as a “public sign”
  • a toast (a pre defined number of bottles, for which a special limited print label will be designed) wrapping up the performance, which in turn will be a gift from the publishers to their guests

In order to comply with the theme of the fair (“the wait”), the details of the performance haven’t been revealed to the publishers. The wait doesn’t only create expectation and surprise but it is fundamental, in this case, to create a relationship of trust between the artists and their sponsors. As the performance entails a strong involvement of the subject to which it is dedicated, the sincere sense of trust and an open mind are necessary conditions to reaching the goal of the art, which is the effectiveness of the energetic  and spiritual dimension of the action.


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