As soon as you step into no. 20, via Fratelli Bandiera, you have high expectations about the building seeing the beautiful balustrade welcoming guests as they walk in. The elegance of this antique house is, however, never intimidating. As soon as you enter, the feeling is one of constant surprise, admiring the beautiful rooms and the delightfully staggered spaces. Wherever you go, you can perceive Luciana’s refined feminine touch – little branches hanging in the kitchen, white flowers in large vases, precious curtains and cushions, all combined with the solidity of antique furniture that preserve a family and ‘masculine’ feel.

Welcome to Palazzo Arrivabene B&B! Leave the heat, the noise and the dust from the street outside, and maybe even your worries. As soon as you step into this place you will benefit from its tranquillity and will admire its effortless beauty in every single detail. You will be welcomed into a mansion which still preserves the memory of those who lived in it. Luciana and her son Claudio like talking about it, because they have always loved welcoming friends and (often foreign) guests in their home: they want to keep this tradition, which Luciana is very proud of. She spent her life looking after ladies’ fashion whims and requests, she designed a beautiful mosaic-inspired silk foulard collection, lived in Bolzano for a long time and often travelled for work, especially to Paris. She now takes inspiration from her past, creating a unique colourful language that mixes English and French, thoroughly entertaining her guests. “I love people, I have always enjoyed listening to their life stories. I see lots of interesting people here, and they all leave a trail of emotions behind them. And the result is always positive because I feel I can gain so much from each guest, they make me happy”. Mother and son are not only a delightful pair, but they are also able to mix and balance their respective personalities, presenting their best qualities to their guests. If, for example, someone is unkind to Luciana, she will ignore them: this is when Claudio steps in and deploys his diplomatic approach to solve the situation.

The guest will always be thoroughly looked after thanks to the owners’ kindness and friendliness, who enjoy welcoming travellers from all over the world. Kindness is at the heart of their philosophy: they convey it with their soft voice, and every morning at breakfast, when people from around the world share their stories, it’s almost like listening to a ‘beautiful piece of music’ as Luciana describes it. She is the perfect host also thanks to her culinary talent: she likes to bake delicious cakes for her guests during the long waits she is often asked to endure. And patience was really not one of her qualities!

by Mara Pasetti

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