Myths are capable to make an impression on people of every age. Indeed, these great stories enable us to form an impression of the destiny of humankind and the nature and the force of human passions. In myths we can find love and desire, power and weakness, cunning and innocence, rage and desperation, fragility and courage. Nowhere else these passions are represented in the same way as in mythology. The stories of the myths are the ancestors of many other stories that came later and their inventive power resides in representing in a fantastic way the origins of life and the ever present contrast between the brevity of human existence and the crossing of mysterious and fatal energies. We will rely on four fundamental works: the Ilyad and the Odissey by Homerus, Ovid’s Metamorphosis and the Greek Myths by Robert Graves. Through the Myths, we shall attempt to write “epic” and mythological stories by imagining that myths are still amongst us.

Thursday 15 March, 21-23 | The origin of Gods, the origin of men

Thursday 22 March, 21-23 | Gods, men, places

Thursday 27 March, 21-23 | Telling Myths today and inventing new Myths

This very ambitious journey features a theoretical ad historical section where myths are represented as symbols useful in our everyday life. At the same time, there will be an interpretative angle which will be useful to better understand ourselves.

Davide Bregola (Born Bondeno (Fe), 1971) lives in Mantua. He published conversations with writers and roaming poets in his works Da qui verso casa (2002) and Il catalogo delle voci (2005). For Sironi editore he published Racconti felici (2003) and La cultura enciclopedica dell’autodidatta (2006). In 2017 he published “vita segreta dei mammut in Pianura Padana” for Avagliano, with which he won the Premio Chiara prize. He hosts reading workshops and “Community maps” in nursing homes, schools and other public and private institutions. He devised puppet shows with self built puppets, which he performs all over Italy.

The Workshops are accessible to a maximum of 6 people.

The cost of the workshop is Euro 100,00 with a 50 Euro deposit payable at subscription through bank transfer at “Il Rio Srl” IBAN: IT34B0200811510000102222500) and Euro 50,00 payable at the first meeting.

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