On Sunday 22nd April at 17.30, Mara Pasetti’s Home Gallery 1Stile is hosting a vernissage of Alberto Marani’s exhibition “L’Amore secondo Marani” (‘Love according to Marani’). On Friday 20th April, Marani will host an introductory event where he will talk to the audience about the exhibition at the Sala audiovisivi in via Principe Amedeo 2, Mantua (free entry).

//22nd April vernissage 17.30


Extract from the author’s presentation:

….I paint the contradictions in which we get lost, the clash between rationality and emotions, between reality and illusions, the inconsistencies of our existential thoughts, when we wonder about the meaning of life, and fight for what is superfluous. I paint doubts, the awareness that we are always reaching into the unknown and that the only answers to our questions cover how things work, but not the reason why they exist. I describe it with a smile, to make fun of myself and of you, to think and make you think, to plant a seed of doubt into your minds so that you do not take yourselves too seriously and accept the inevitable with a smile, if possible. We are only indispensible to ourselves but we can change the world. And this is quite a responsibility! ….

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays, until 19th May, from 16 to 19.30. Free entry

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//20th April at 16.00 in the conference hall (sala convegni), via Principe Amedeo 2, Mantua


The artist talks to the audience and shows an animation titled ‘Point of views’

“We long for a world full of love, and yet we have built a commercial world where every exchange is meant to make profit. We tell tales. And on this subject, Flaubert once said about art: “Of all lies, art is the least untrue”. Life seems to be a competition about who can lie the hardest. It is almost impossible nowadays to define ‘a work of art’. We ask ourselves, what is Art? Is it something that moves us, makes us laugh, winds us up, annoys us or makes us think? Does art dress reality up, or show it to us in its entirety, or does it escape to a purely abstract world made of wonder and silence? We live in a world where technology is taking over, and our mind tends to seek refuge into a dimension characterised by emotions and feelings.  Emotions allow us to evade from reality, and this is why they are so rewarding”.

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