Zanini arte, in collaboration with Mirem Profumerie 1938 Mantova is proud to invite you to the upcoming vernissage of the exhibition PARFUM DE FEMME, curated by Prof. FRANCO NEGRI, which will take place SUNDAY 3RD OF DECEMBER  at 6 pm at ZANINI ARTE via Virgilio 7 in San Benedetto Po (MN).

The exhibition is realised in collaboration with San Benedetto Po municipality, and will last until 28th January 2018.

Scent and art. At a first glance, these two worlds have precious little in common. However syntheses is in action here, as well. It unites different worlds and sensations. This is how scent lends its message to painting, and painting back to scent. Hence the accumulation and the metaphor. Like scent, painting is a marker of distinction, which through the years has opened up to the wider public, but has never fully revealed its secrets. This year, Maison Zanini offers a very special chance: let the scent and the paintings speak.


Ancient, modern and contemporaneous paintings are joined by rare and exclusive fragrances. The sensations will speak to the heart and to the mind through the visual and olfactory clues.

Franco Negri

It’s more than an exhibition, it’s a veritable semiological investigation, a game of subtle yet deep cultural and emotive correspondences, the key to an interpretation which opens the doors to a whole creative interior world. Parfum de femme celebrates the link between the mythical French fragrances and the universe of art. The female figure is the fil rouge connecting this path, and the absolute protagonist of this review, where it’s investigated by ancient masters like Frans Porbus, Luca Giordano, Pietro Liberi, passing through the romanticism of Paul Leroy, the orientalism of Eugene Fromentin, or the ‘900 of Ugo Celada, Angelo Del Bon, Pio Semeghini, to finally reach the modern days with the contemporary masters, Nunziante, Borghi, Accardi, Lanfranco, Medici, Melina or the emerging Ochoa, Diazzi, Fasoli.



Via Virgilio, 7 San Benedetto Po (Mantova)


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