Corte Mainolda and Cantina Ricchi present:

Talking about women in Mantua, Stories of wives, lovers and heroines

with Giacomo Cecchin

08.03.2018, 8pm

An evening dedicated to women, starting from wives and lovers of the Gonzaga and moving on to more tales related to the heroins linked to the history of Mantua. All complemented by a feminine menu at corte Mainolda to celebrate Women’s day in an entertaining and stimulating way.

Giacomo Cecchin tells of Manto and Mathilde, Agnese and the two Isabellas – not to forget Lucrezia and many more…

An evening for inquisitive people and beauty lovers.


Culaccia with pomegranate and valerian

With grilled polenta

Sparkling wine Espressione 8 Brut

Fennel and Ginger Soup with brown bread crostini

Garda chardonnay Meridiano 2016

Tortelli ricotta and Spinach with butter and sage

Garda chardonnay Meridiano 2016

Roast quail on pureed potatoes

Garda cabernet Ribo’ 2015

Apple tart and elderberry blossom ice cream

Passito Le Cime 2013

45€ per person

Bookings, tel. 0376 438848

Un evento a cura di

Corte Mainolda

La Mainolda è un piccolo baluardo del passato proprio al centro del paesino di Sarginesco, a 15 km da Mantova.