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Kriss Guenzati Dubini goes through the second half of the 19th century and the start of the 20th with grace, but at lock step. An elegant woman and artist, she grew up at Brera with Reggiani and Cantatore, pondering about abstractism. Then, her move to New York and meeting with Leo Castelli changed her life! Kriss approached figurative arts through a natural, innate desire to express with stroke and colour the emotive tension resulting from drawing a face, a living, real subject, with a story to tell. This is the origin of her morpho-psychologic studies, her readings and her travels. Even through meditation she is able to apply her peculiar perspective, into which her art and technique naturally converge. This is what captivates us the most: the simplicity with which the artist puts us in front of her subjects, seized in their everyday existence. Great importance is given to the psychological sphere, conveying a sense of becoming, of life portrayed in its most serene expression.

It is through her portraiture that Kriss Guenzati Dubini achieves notoriety in Italy and abroad, portraying Falck, Mantero, Trussardi, Rockefeller, Barzini, Agnelli, Castelli and many other families. Employing a special technique of diagonal composition and portraying the subject in different positions at the same time, the artist found a stylistic trait that brought her wide international recognition. The family portraiture has illustrious precedents in art history, like, for example, Mantegna’s Camera Picta. However, these paintings are profoundly different. What the artist is aiming at is capturing on her canvas the expression of a moment of shared serenity. She does it for her clients, of course, but also for us observers, called to take part to the positivity.

by Mara Pasetti


Family portraits are watercolour, acrylic, charcoal pencil drawings. Alongside them we find her most recent production: abstract bronze and steel sculptures and portraits of female divinities. Kriss Guenzati Dubini, painter and sculptor, began her career in abstractism and has been painting portraits for many years, with excellent results for her morpho-psychologic research. This has made her a renowned and appreciated artist both in Italy and across the ocean, having portrayed the most influential U.S. dynasties.

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