The antique Scriptorium bookshop, headquartered in Mantua since 1995, deals in vintage books, ancient and valuable prints, from the sixteenth century to the present day. It stocks antique and rare books of all descriptions, but specialises in books on local Italian history, and history of Italy’s cities and towns, from the Alps to Sicily.

We also offer illustrated books, books from the 1500s by famous printers, scientific books and books on architecture, travel books, books on art, literature, natural sciences, medicine, precious bindings, books from the recent past like early 20th century editions, decorative prints and maps, etcetera.

The shop’s main activity remains the purchase and sale of books, but we also offer expertise and advice on single books or entire libraries, divisions and estimates, ensuring the utmost professionalism and confidentiality: the bookshop is also a member of ALAI (Associazione Librai Antiquari Italia) which boasts more than 100 members throughout Italy, bringing together the best Italian antique bookstores, and promoting the culture of the antique book.

Our bookshop regularly publishes paper catalogues for the sale of old books, the result of a patient work of research and cataloguing, which is distributed free of charge to those who request it.
Together with the “Il Frontespizio” association, the bookshop has been organising and promoting the traditional “Mostra Mercato del Libro e della Stampa Antichi” (Exhibition and Market of the antique and classic book) which has always been held in Mantua every May and September since 1975, and whose claim to fame is having been the very first Antique Book exhibition organized in Italy.

We happily welcome clients, friends and book lovers, but always by appointment.
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